September is National Yoga Month!!

Do you want to try yoga? If so keep reading!

We are so excited and I hope you are too. If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga NOW is the time. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2008 and it makes my heart smile to see new people give yoga a try.

But the number one question I get from those who are interested in starting a yoga practice is where do I start?

It can all be overwhelming I know. So I've 've put together a quick check list to help you navigate your journey on the mat.


✅ If you’re under the care of a doctor obtain clearance from your doctor before starting any type of movement program.

✅ Once you are physically cleared ask your doctor what type of yoga classes they would recommend that you start with.

✅ If you are new to the practice find a beginners yoga class or a gentle yoga class in your community.

✅ You may purchase a yoga mat at your local Target, Walmart, Five and Below etc. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and ensure your undergarments provide good support. Try not to wear baggy clothes because the teacher needs to be able to see your alignment.

✅ It's not a crime to eat before class but keep it light and ensure you're hydrated. Consider snacking on almonds, fruit, or a smoothie.

✅ Before class notify the teacher if you have any health challenges. Then breathe, relax, and have fun.

✅ If you didn’t enjoy the class take some time to discern why. It could be that the teacher or the teacher’s style didn’t resonate with you. If not try another class.

✅ Once you’ve found a teacher and a studio that you’re comfortable with be consistent with your practice. Start practicing 1-2 days a week and go from there.

✅ As you practice yoga remember yoga is a mind-body modality. It’s not just about the physical poses it’s about being present and connected mind, body, and spirit through the divine breath.

And don't forget to have FUN!!

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