What Coronovavirus Can Teach Us

There are so many conceptions that could come out of Coronavirus. When we ALL are faced with mortality and survival at the same time, major shifts tend to happen in our world and our lives. There is a reason to everything and a purpose behind everything.

The positives:

  1. Being more mindful about our health and the health of others

  2. Staying informed about worldly events and the state of our planet

  3. The importance of an emergency financial plan

  4. Being comfortable with stillness, i.e., enjoy a short meditation

  5. Real conversations and better quality time with loved ones

The negatives:

  1. Glued more to our computer

  2. Becoming more accustomed to a virtual-based lifestyle

  3. Loss of social interaction

  4. Depression

  5. Financial loss

  6. Lack of movement and exercise

These are just some of the pros and cons to a worldly crisis situation such as a Coronavirus. While we will not have all the answers, be mindful about the purpose of circumstances and what we can do about them for a better well-being.

As Maya Angelo once said, "When you know better, do better."



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