What to DO with Vision

PRAY ABOUT IT. If God gave you a vision, it is for a purpose. He will provide you the answers, the path, and the tools to achieve His purpose. Remember His purpose is going to be Kingdom building…helping others and bringing Him glory. So, a key question to ask is “does what I feel called to do, in each moment or in general help someone and bring Him glory? If you can answer yes to this question, you are likely on the right track.

ACT ON IT. Don’t wait for the right time or setting to take action. Often-times, we feel we need the perfect backdrop, setting, or scenario to begin taking the steps towards our destiny. “Perfect” is not within our control and unattainable. Door will open, blessings will come, and opportunity will knock as we take the necessary steps. So, wanting to write? Pick up the pen and pad where you are. Wanting to speak? Have a conversation with the next individual that comes in your path. Watch how these small steps lead to bigger strides.

DON'T STOP. When we make up our minds to go after our destiny, the adversary will rise up against us. Not stopping also means staying focused. When distractions come, recognize them as a stumbling block, a detour, or an obstacle to reaching your goal.

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